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How to Think as Big as You Really Are

We live in an environment where we have been conditioned to think small, simplify our lives and to overall expect less and demand less from life. The world tells us that “whatever will be will be”, that “fate” is in complete control of our destinies. So forget those big dreams, forget that bigger house, forget the better life. Be resigned with what you have.Vector Notebook with drawing charts


I once read somewhere, as an experiment, someone put two advertisements in the newspaper. Both were for the same job with the exact same job description, but one of them offered to pay a salary that was double the one of the other. Strangely, about ten times more people applied for the lower paid job. Yet, the world tells us that there’s too much competition for the top spots in life. This experiment clearly disproves that.


People think small. And that’s why they fail. The size of our success is limited only by the size of our thinking. You can have anything you want, but you have to believe that you can achieve it. The problem with most of us it that we believe that there isn’t enough to go around and so they mustn’t take more than their fair share. But, money and success do not run out- the universe keeps expanding and making more of it. It’s such a pity that we don’t think big enough to ask for it!


So many people feel trapped in their lives of tiny dreams, of getting by, of constantly craving more and yet thinking themselves undeserving of more. Is this how you want to live your life? Open your mind, your imagination, expand the size of your thinking and your drive for success and get to work. Think big and make those dreams happen!

I work with businesses on a daily basis to help them go after their dreams! So many business owners have great ideas, exceptional skills and determination to succeed. They just don’t know what to do next and how to put all the pieces together to get their message out to their target audience. Don’t let your difficulty in defining your strategy prevent you from going after that dream.   Hire a pair of outside eyes to take a fresh look at your business and help you move forward. It will be money well spent!

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Ginny Kronsted is one of the area’s leading social marketing strategists and widely recognized as a top Engagement Marketing expert. Ginny’s background includes over twelve years in the fields of Business Relationships, Marketing and Internet Promotions, making social marketing her ideal arena. Her focus in on the Full Engagement Experience that maximizes every touch made with a prospect or customer through applying simple strategies to your marketing chaos. She works with businesses and organizations who don’t want to miss an opportunity to turn a prospect into a customer or a customer into a repeat customer. Through her consulting and training, Ginny teaches and consults with businesses and brands to become a true social business, with measurable profits from integrating proven online and offline marketing strategies that produce Far More Customers Faster! Ginny can be reached at Ginny@GJKassociates.com. Ginny’s live events and trainings deliver simple, impactful actionable steps to engage with your audience. Contact Ginny at 630-708-7455 for more information on our complete line of business services and a schedule of classes or to book a speaker for your next event.

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