Overwhelmed Trying To Do It All?


Creating Your Full Engagement Marketing Strategy

A Full Engagement Marketing Strategy is a series of activities taken on a consistent basis that deliver on your marketing goals to increase sales and achieve a competitive advantage.

We take you through a powerful discovery process to ensure that we understand your business, market and competition. This process allows us to gain the proper perspective so that we can create a detailed strategy on the opportunities, challenges and solutions relative to your budget, time and staffing resources. Together we will build an implementation plan itemizing all the details for implementing your custom strategy allowing you to be fully engaged in the process and facilitate efficient implementation.

A clear definition of what you offer is the basis of any small business’s engagement strategy.  If your customers can’t tell others exactly what you offer and why they love doing business with you; they can’t effectively share your message. Leveraging others to share your message is essential to a successful engagement program.

GJK Associates will work with you to determine the best way to reach your target market and achieve your objectives with your marketing strategy. We will uncover all are the things you will need in place and prioritize where you should focus your efforts online and in-person.

A successful marketing strategy includes a consistent message throughout all of your marketing platforms. Consistency is how people will remember your brand. When you deliver a similar message to your audience, they come to know you, your brand and what your brand stands for.

It’s important to clearly understand your message before you begin executing your marketing strategy. We help you create your messages so your website, printed materials, in person communications and anything else you choose to use for marketing are consistent and exciting.

We help you figure it all out, keeping your objectives in mind and staying within your budget. We can create a multi platform engagement strategy or focus on one element, the choice is yours!