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Engaging Presentations for Engagement Marketing!

Bring Ginny Kronsted to your next meeting or retreat and enjoy her common sense, tongue in cheek style that brings those AHA! moments of revelation to everyday business topics. There is no snoozing in these presentations!

The marketing world is fraught with marketing ease and technology speak. Ginny takes the mundane and the technical and turns it into interesting, understandable and doable snippets for her audience to embrace.

She is a businesswoman and entrepreneur, she speaks your language and knows your struggles, and dreams. All her presentations are unique and immediately ready to implementinto everyday action to grow your business and career. She doesn’t waste her time and she won’t waste yours! Bring some engaging education to your next event!

Current Presentation Titles

Building an Empire on A GREAT Customer Experience

The Evolution of Social Technology and How To Leverage It For Your Success

Social Media Mixology: Mixing up the perfect social media cocktail

Was Is It Really Nice to Meet Me? The How What Where and Why of Effective Networking

What’s YOUR Story? How to tell YOUR story effectively.

Why Google+ Why Now?

I HATE Social Media!

I have been in the trenches, working in small and family owned businesses since I was a teenager. I have experienced great success and witnessed surprising failure. The 24/7 never leave the office mindset of a small business owner is all I know. I know what support I wish I could have relied on as I built, managed and owned various small businesses. My diverse background across industries and specialties has given me a unique perspective on the common foundations that create success in any business. These similarities partnered with the exciting differences are what I can use to create connections with prospects, customers and community. My innovative Full Engagement Marketing Philosophy capitalizes on YOUR story, YOUR great customer experience and your personality.

Full Engagement Marketing keeps your message personal, social and most importantly valuable and trusted.

As an “in house” executive team, I have the great pleasure of intimately enjoying each success of my clients. Business is not for the faint of heart and having a trusted partner makes the journey a bit easier and more rewarding. I work hand in hand with my clients to design and implement a business strategy, processes and procedures in alignment with the things they value most.

I believe success in business and entrepreneurship is an on going process; I enjoy hosting educational speaking events and speaking on topics that can help business grow and leverage their social equity. Empowering business owners to understand and embrace their business strategies is a critical component of all my presentations.

Ginny Kronsted is the founder and leader of GJK Associates, Inc. Ginny (GJ) brings a diverse background in sales, management and small business entrepreneurship. As a consultant and executive, she has launched businesses and managed multi-million dollar projects to successful completion. Thanks to her depth of experience across industries and markets, she has cultivated a knack for identifying and leveraging her clients’ unique positions within niche markets.

Through her career Ginny has held executive positions in a wide variety of industries including, real estate, construction, food service, non-profit fundraising, insurance, retail and construction. A New Jersey native, she co-owned the state’s first certified woman-owned plumbing and heating supply business – an experience that taught her many remarkable lessons that she shares with her clients today.

In 2009, after moving to the Chicago area, Ginny founded GJK Associates, a media consulting firm that specializes in online and offline engagement marketing. There, she works closely with her clients to develop and implement smart, effective and affordable online and social media marketing strategies. She also provides media management resources and training, as part of her holistic approach to building a trusted business partnership with each client. In 2012, GJK Associates was honored to be nominated for the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award.

An in-demand speaker and trainer, Ginny is as passionate about her community as she is about her business. She served as the 2013 Chair of the Women in Business Executive Board for the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, President of Aurora Republican Women, Chairman of the Board for the Chicago Area Association for Female Executives and Entrepreneurs, Chicago Area Ambassador for the Women’s News Bureau and Chair of the Public Relations Committee for the Illinois Federation of Republican Women.