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I have been using Rignite for a little over a week. I am impressed with the effectiveness as well as the ease of use. I will be using this software far beyond my trial period! I will be recommending it to my clients (but not my competition!) and look forward to adding my future team members to the program. Rignite is a tool that will grow with me and help facilitate my growth and my customers’ growth as well!

These are my top 5 Reasons Rignite is the “Real Deal” for my small business!


1. I Love the Interface

  • Sleek and clean with little clutter
  • Super easy to learn and more likely to use on a regular basis than some of the other software I have tried.
  • Just better looking all around and keeps me focused on my goals.

2. The Campaigns Module

The campaigns module is geared to help small businesses accomplish their goals. It is even helpful in choosing what your goal should be! The choices provided are great “triggers” for deciding just what the heck you are really trying to accomplish.

  • Grow your following
  • Boost engagement
  • Guild an email list
  • Drive sales

There are campaigns for each goal. Small businesses often don’t know how to move prospects through the sales funnel using social media. By using the goal-oriented campaigns, you are guided through the steps you need to consider to stay focused on your goals. This is huge for the busy business owner who might not be a marketing expert.

3. Team features are perfect for small business.

I get to compete with the big guys! Small teams have a level playing field with larger brands on social media, but they are often so busy running their business thatsocial media often falls through the cracks. Rignite makes it easy to tag team different aspects of social media. For example, one team member can monitor for comments being made to or about them on social media, or even search for opportunities to engage. They can then assign those to the person on the team who has the expertise, knowledge, or authority needed to respond appropriately.

When working with customers it is easy to notify them of comments and questions, they need to personally respond to. When you engage your customers, you can get feedback and approval before posts go live!

One team member can create drafts of posts to share, while another person on the team can act as editor and give final approval on those posts before they go live. Great collaboration features with email and text reminders!

4. Great Value

There are a broad range of features that cover what’s truly important for small businesses in managing social media. Hootsuite’s offering is primarily for heavy social media monitoring, which is more useful to large businesses who have a ton of engagement due to their size. Rignite has a combo of features to both help grow your presence, as well as monitor and engage as you continue to grow. The balance of the features is perfect for the small/medium sized business like mine!

5. Save TONS of time and Ease of Use!

Ease of use alone saves TONS of time. Still, the features save time exponentially.

The Campaigns Feature alone we makes it super fast to schedule out a series of promotional posts that you can just set and forget. But we have already talked about this great feature!

Groups is another feature that saves time. Organize a ton of social accounts into groups so you can get in and out quickly when posting or monitoring. Grouping organizes your accounts to the way YOU think.

The Team Feature helps ensure that no one has to spend all day on social media. You can simply tag-team your efforts to make it less of a time burden on any one person.

The Visual Calendar makes it easy to spot trends, gaps and holes in your content planning.

I find Rignite perfect for my use. I do not need super heavy analytics (yet!) I like having software that is easy to learn and use yet powerful. I like being prompted to think about my purpose and plan my posts for more effective ROI.

I manage social media for a business and Rignite is my new best friend!



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Ginny Kronsted is one of the area’s leading social marketing strategists and widely recognized as a top Engagement Marketing expert. Ginny’s background includes over twelve years in the fields of Business Relationships, Marketing and Internet Promotions, making social marketing her ideal arena. Her focus in on the Full Engagement Experience that maximizes every touch made with a prospect or customer through applying simple strategies to your marketing chaos. She works with businesses and organizations who don’t want to miss an opportunity to turn a prospect into a customer or a customer into a repeat customer. Through her consulting and training, Ginny teaches and consults with businesses and brands to become a true social business, with measurable profits from integrating proven online and offline marketing strategies that produce Far More Customers Faster! Ginny can be reached at Ginny@GJKassociates.com. Ginny’s live events and trainings deliver simple, impactful actionable steps to engage with your audience. Contact Ginny at 630-708-7455 for more information on our complete line of business services and a schedule of classes or to book a speaker for your next event.

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