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Did you notice that Facebook just added a new feature to your Timeline Newsfeed?

You can now “Save” a post that you know you will want to refer back to. No more searching through your liked posts to find that recipe, movie or link that you wanted to revisit. This is great news for users and marketers.

You can save:

  • Links
  • Music
  • TV
  • Places
  • Movies

You can not save a photo!

What you save is only visible by you, unless you share it with a friend. Your saved items are available in the menu bar and are sorted by category for easy of searching. Occasionally you will see your saved items pop up in your Newsfeed just to remind you that they are there. Don’t forget to like the posts and pictures you want to support. Saving and Liking are two different actions.

If you see a business you would like to visit just save it! You can even share it with a friend and both check it out together!

If you are a user of Facebook enjoy!

Marketers READ ON! For how this impacts your strategy.

Key Facts

Photos are not available for saving.

This is probably the most important factor to consider when posting to Facebook. Photos are always the most far-reaching and engaging posts. They capture the users attention and used correctly are shared virally. With the addition of the save feature you will have to decide if the information you are posting is better suited for using a photo or a link or nothing. Is the information something that the reader will want to save for later reference? Do you want to encourage the user to save the information? Do you need a photo to capture attention or is the headline or link thumbnail captivating enough to grab a users attention?
Headlines and link thumbnails are going to become more critical in your content strategy. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of using photos as you adjust your Facebook content strategy accordingly.

Links are the top subcategory.

If your Facebook strategy is already vibrant and full of links you must be jumping up and down! You just received an added benefit with no downside.The ability to save links outside bookmarking will enhance the likelihood that the followers will revisit the information. Even more exciting, Facebook will be essentially reposting the links for you when they re-inject saved links into the Newsfeed! I expect this will increase the reach and engagement of saved links significantly as well as spread your exposure over a longer time frame. If you are not using many links in your Facebook Content Strategy the time to start is NOW!

Local Business is the second subcategory.

Great news for the local storefront! Time to kick up your Facebook Marketing! Start posting exciting relevant posts that can drive customers to your doors. Get them to like and save your page with Specials, Loyalty Programs, Links and more. Once you are saved in their places list, your business information will periodically be added to the newsfeed by Facebook! Facebook will be helping you stay engaged with your customers! When customers check their saved places, your business will pop up if they are nearby. This is an entirely new element to Facebook Marketing Strategy for the local business. I am excited to implement and test this for our customers to find the best ways to bring more customers through their doors!

It is going to take sometime to see how this new feature impacts marketing and user habits.

However, I think this feature is a win/win for the marketer and the user. Anytime information is readily available to an interested party everyone wins. Users will only save items that truly interests them, so it will be vital that marketers stay in touch with their target and offer great content.

Let’s give it sometime to see how this rolls out.

Please leave your comments and experiences for others to learn from.

I would love to hear from you!



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