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It seems that everyday there are more and more tools for managing your social media. I try to at least test most of them, hoping to make my life easier! Many of my customers like to take my strategy, and content plan and implement it themselves. They ALWAYS ask how they can do it more effectively and efficiently.Builders with laptop and tools

For my personal use, I combine several different services for integrating different aspects of my campaigns. For the management process for my customers, I have yet to settle on a primary tool. BUT! I may have found it. I recently signed up for my free trial of Rignite. Then did nothing. I know you are shaking your heads going-yup I have done that too! Signed up and done nothing!  I get so frustrated with myself!

Well the good people at Rignite followed up! They offered a webex to show me the system, live so I could ask questions. HUGE! The system was easy, well developed, valuable and powerful! I almost rushed them off the webex so I could start using the program before I forgot how and what I wanted to do. Fortunately there was no need to do that. They sent me a recording of the session. Not a canned version but the one with my questions! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Rignite was obviously designed by someone with a marketing background. (I sure hope I am right about that or I am going to look silly). Setting up a campaign, they force you to ask the questions you NEED to ask before putting your posts out there. They start with: “What is the purpose?” They set you up to succeed! You then walk through the path to creating an effective campaign. I love the system.

social-network23-01-111413-2435So far it has been easy to learn, implement and tweak! I am going to use it for another week before I transition a customer or two into the program. I know this is going to kick my ROI up a notch or two or three!  Keep your eyes open for my next post. I am going to be comparing my experience using Rignite vs. Hootsuite.

In the mean time I highly suggest you grab your trial of Rignite, give it a run and let me know how you like it. Grab a trial here: http://bit.ly/Wi0i7Q    This is great stuff! stuff!

Let me know what you are missing in your social media management tools and I will see if Rignite has it!    Better yet, check for yourself and let us all know!   Rignite



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Ginny Kronsted is one of the area’s leading social marketing strategists and widely recognized as a top Engagement Marketing expert. Ginny’s background includes over twelve years in the fields of Business Relationships, Marketing and Internet Promotions, making social marketing her ideal arena. Her focus in on the Full Engagement Experience that maximizes every touch made with a prospect or customer through applying simple strategies to your marketing chaos. She works with businesses and organizations who don’t want to miss an opportunity to turn a prospect into a customer or a customer into a repeat customer. Through her consulting and training, Ginny teaches and consults with businesses and brands to become a true social business, with measurable profits from integrating proven online and offline marketing strategies that produce Far More Customers Faster! Ginny can be reached at Ginny@GJKassociates.com. Ginny’s live events and trainings deliver simple, impactful actionable steps to engage with your audience. Contact Ginny at 630-708-7455 for more information on our complete line of business services and a schedule of classes or to book a speaker for your next event.

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