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Five Fabulous Reasons To Choose Facebook Ads For Your Small Businesses


Facebook has become known for their every changing rules, design and ranking algorithm. Their ad platform is no different. As organic reach continues to decline it is becoming more important to consider investing in Facebook Ads. Those reasons aside, there are several stand alone reasons to consider adding the cost of a Facebook Ad Campaign to your marketing budget.

  1. The beauty of Facebook Ads is that you can be so specific on the types of people that you want to see your ads. You can target your ads to as specific an audience as you can develop within your marketing strategy. You can target peoplebylocation, gender, age, relationship status, keywords, pages, etc. That makes these ads so beneficial for a marketer because you can come up with the best target market for your business. AtGJK we have the resources to dive even deeper and target exactindividuals based on their behaviors on Facebook. It is actually a bit creepy just how specifically you can target your market with the right software and resources.
  2. Using the power editor feature in Facebook makes it easy to split test your ads by uploading various versions of the ad a one time. You then run the ads in a campaign so you can track which ones bring the most ROI (Return on Investment). The ease of split testing, analyzing and adjusting creates a powerful process for building a great ad and marketing campaign.writing effectiv ads
  3. Facebook Ads are also much more affordable than Google Ads. Even if you have a very low budget you can take advantage of Facebook Advertising. You can spend $5 a day and begin to see results fairly quickly if you have targeted your ad effectively. Facebook has an in depth section on how to set up your campaign, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring the mechanics yourself. However, you will want to learn more about the strategy and the best practices before you invest in too many ads. We have some great resources on the topic. Just send us an email and we will be happy to send you one of our free reports on the subject. Info@GJKassociates.com.
  4. According to Nielson  “Those users exposed to both the ‘paid ad’ and the organic impression remembered the ad at three times the rate of those just exposed to the paid homepage ad,” and that “homepage ads increased awareness of the product or brand by 4% on average, but exposure to both homepage ads and organic ads increased awareness by a delta of 13% versus the control group”
  5. One of the most exciting and unique benefits of Facebook ads is its capability of turning customers into a salesperson for your company. When your customers engage with you on Facebook, their friends are exposed to the interactions. Through your customers you can reach an untapped secondary demographic without even trying. For this reason alone, it is imperative that you build a large fan base. Even more important and here is where the real value lies, get your fans engaged with you on Facebook and watch your message reach grow!

We are focusing on Facebook and Facebook Ads.  If you are new to Facebook Marketing or just want to review the basics you can sign up for our  email series:  Facebook for Business Crash Course.



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Ginny Kronsted is one of the area’s leading social marketing strategists and widely recognized as a top Engagement Marketing expert. Ginny’s background includes over twelve years in the fields of Business Relationships, Marketing and Internet Promotions, making social marketing her ideal arena. Her focus in on the Full Engagement Experience that maximizes every touch made with a prospect or customer through applying simple strategies to your marketing chaos. She works with businesses and organizations who don’t want to miss an opportunity to turn a prospect into a customer or a customer into a repeat customer. Through her consulting and training, Ginny teaches and consults with businesses and brands to become a true social business, with measurable profits from integrating proven online and offline marketing strategies that produce Far More Customers Faster! Ginny can be reached at Ginny@GJKassociates.com. Ginny’s live events and trainings deliver simple, impactful actionable steps to engage with your audience. Contact Ginny at 630-708-7455 for more information on our complete line of business services and a schedule of classes or to book a speaker for your next event.

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