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Many of us have been scheduling our Facebook Page Posts to post at times we have found to be the best for fan engagement. Facebook Insights have given us a wealth of informative data, that allows us to target our audience as optimally as possible. Until recently we could not use this data to schedule paid ads to run during optimum time periods. I am happy to say that finally we can schedule the ads we pay for just like we can our FREE posts!

Facebook recently introduced an ad-scheduling feature to let users choose what times of each day their ads run.

In the past you’ve been able to specify the starting and ending dates and times for Facebook ads, but you couldn’t schedule specific times of the day to run your ads.

Finally, Now You Can!

  • Choose your days
  • Choose your time of day
  • Set a budget for certain times of day

If you use Facebook’s Power Editor you can now take advantage of the new scheduler feature. Unfortunately, most users do not use the more advanced, and powerful Facebook Power Editor. Power Editor is an essential tool for those of us managing Facebook Ad campaigns for customers. If you haven’t learned how to use the Power Editor, the addition of this new feature is a great reason to do so now!—Send an email to us for free help in learning to use the Power Editor.

The Ad Scheduler is part of the Ad Sets system within Power Editor. The first time you use Ad Scheduling, you will see a video quick tour. Once the video is complete you will be able to explore the options.

There are several different ways to schedule and fund your ads. Take some time to explore your options and see which is the right fit for you. Once you get the system down, it will be easy to quickly schedule and launch your targeted ad sets!

Is Ad Scheduling a Big Deal for Your Business?

Perhaps YES! Perhaps, not so much.

  • Is your business impacted by time of day?
  • Do you know when your best customers are on Facebook?
  • Would you benefit for encouraging followers to take action NOW at certain times of day?
  • Is your information time sensitive?

Like post schedules and ad content, ad scheduling is going to have to be tested and tweaked in order to see what works and what doesn’t. Make your plan and your test plan and watch the results. By investing a little time upfront, you will have a better, more efficient result in the long run.

Tools and data are only effective if you use them and test them. Fortunately, Facebook advertising is affordable, so testing different ads and schedules shouldn’t be overly costly. Not testing and continuing to run an ineffective ad at an ineffective time can be VERY costly.

I am looking forward to testing the various combinations of ads at different times of day and finding one that ROCKS—Maybe even TWO THAT ROCK!

Good Luck and let us know how it goes.


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