Overwhelmed Trying To Do It All?


Community Partnerships

Visibility in the community and coordination with fellow business owners is a critical element of a Full Engagement Marketing Strategy.  Although social media is the fastest growing media today, it’s our relationships and personal connections that provide the fuel for online marketing. Developing relationships is and always will be the key to business success.

Integrating into the community takes many forms and offers a wide variety of opportunity.

lets work together

Cross Promotion with other businesses
Sponsorship for non-profits events and initiatives
Social Events offered to the community
Personal Involvement

Working Together is the Key

The list is limited only by your imagination and enthusiasm.

Relationship based activities developed by  GJK Associates are designed to create energy, impact and leave a positive and lasting impression. GJK is about making the unexpected – expected. Creating initiatives that are exciting, unique and engaging .

The  GJK Full Engagement Marketing  System expertly integrates these components for results the keep you front of mind, relevant and connected to your audience.