Overwhelmed Trying To Do It All?


Our mission is to develop a trusting partnership with our clients in order to help their business succeed andthrive in all economic environments. Based on our Full Engagement Marketing programwe promote engaging, fun and memorable campaigns that keep our clients in front of their audience.

think outside the box

  • We are committed to staying on top of the fluid world of social marketing in order to coordinate all the components that are key to our clients’ success and business growth.
  • We pride ourselves on providing innovative, outside the box solutions that get you noticed in this competitive marketplace.
  • We put the focus of your marketing efforts squarely on building long-term relationships with your prospects and customers.

Why GJK?

With over 30 years of small business ownership, management and entrepreneurship we understand your challenges, frustrations and dreams.

  • We have been there, in the trenches and we aren’t afraid to jump back in and work along side you.
  • We offer a fresh pair of eye to evaluate your business and offer solutions.
  • Working with GJK gives you a trusted, long-term partner that is with you every step of the way.

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