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4 Keys to an Effective Facebook Ad Campaign


Facebook Ads can be a great resource for pulling in potential new customers. Knowing the right way to make these ads convert can mean the difference between a wasted investment and a healthy and successful return. You have to be able to create an advertisement that catches attention and encourages a good number of people to click through and make a purchase. Without conversion, you are just spending money for nothing. It takes testing, trial and error to find that ad that works the best. Sometimes what you think is a homerun isn’t even a single!

Facebook ads are very effective but you have to think carefully before you place them. Great ads take a combination of thought, research and strategy to create and are useless if they do not attract the right people.

Online researchThe secret to great Facebook Ads is: PREPARATION!

Research your market well before you even create your ad so that it can be effective and get you the maximum sales. Always think before you bid and monitor your ad well so that you can get your money’s worth from your ad. When you take the time to prepare your ad; you will experience a higher ROI no mater what your unit of measure is.

Know who you are marketing to. What are their hot buttons? What pain do they feel, that you can take away? When are they on Facebook? What motivates them? Know who you are marketing to and how you will bring them into action. It may take several different campaigns to find one that works. Don’t rush. ALWAYS split test your campaigns on several variables in order to find the “secret sauce” for your campaign.

Be prepared for success!  Before using Facebook ads to drive traffic, you’ll want to make sure that you’re able to capture that incoming traffic on a website or Facebook fan page. You’ll pay a lower cost per click if you drive the traffic to a fan page but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring them to your website as well. The effectiveness of your landing page (either on Facebook or your website) is as important as your ad. Once people click through to your target site, it must continue to engage them and bring them into action.

193-pack41-021514-tmA poor landing site can reduce the ROI of event the best ad and superior product or service. It is worth investing in a professionally designed landing page on Facebook. Our clients find that our landing pages make them stand apart from their competition. The ability to capture a lead without them leaving Facebook greatly increases ROI. Add a video to that and you have a SLAM DUNK!

Be Visually Exciting and Relevant. Graphics should pop! Bright colors and bold images catch the eye as a prospect skims over the Facebook Newsfeed. It is important that images are sized correctly for maximum impact. While the pictures should be bold, they must be on topic. A cute little kitten might get alot of clicks, but if you are selling dog food it really isn’t of any benefit. A boring workout picture will not perform as well as a vibrant, exciting Beautiful cat hunting in the grasslandworkout picture. A balance must be found. Split test your images as well as your content and timing.

Finally, when producing Facebook ads for your business it is vital to make something that speaks directly to your demographic. Speak their language. Know what results they want. Make sure that what you hook them with is what you deliver. Use of ridiculous, eye-catching images may get you a number of hits and also a small bit of traffic to your web site at to begin with. Increasingly, although, this gimmicky method to social media marketing will not present long-term outcomes.


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