Overwhelmed Trying To Do It All?


Implementing and Managing Your Full Engagement Marketing Strategy

Once we have created a marketing strategy we will create an implementation process to get your marketing plan up and running. We can handle 100% of the implementation process or work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget and resources. We are your partner every step of the way.

Once implementation is complete, we will keep your marketing strategy on track and work with you to create a brand presence that will keep your business growing. GJK Associates is available for project management and consulting. Since we developed the marketing strategy for your business together, taking into consideration your budget, time and resources, we can make sure that you can manage it so it actually gets done. We will oversee your marketing efforts, managing it and track the success to make sure we are optimizing a plan that works best for your business.


GJK Associates has the expertise to design all elements of your program. Within each of our areas of specialty we have the tools, resources and skills to produce high converting professional sites, and materials. Professional social media sites, engaging emails, and more; our design team is affordable and extraordinary. Since they took part in the development of the strategy they have the intimate knowledge needed to put the perfect design in place.


Are you ready for a long-term relationship with an affordable marketing professional?

GJK Associates offers an extensive array of consulting services. We work with you to develop and carry out your marketing strategy for your business. Combining your knowledge of your business with our knowledge of today’s marketing tools, together we define your goals and come up with a strategy that tells the right customer about your business. We identify your options and decide which makes the most sense with your marketing budget.

Working with a marketing consultant to help you work through your marketing issues and keep you accountable, is a great investment for those who are serious about growing their business. GJK Associates is committed to helping you become fully engaged with your market. Our only goal is to help you grow your business, to be a trusted partner in your business model. To work hard at your side and give your business the boost it needs to grow.

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